Where To Go For Help

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You can either go for help in schools or online.
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Help in Schools

Pastoral Support Team

Pastoral Support teams are based in all secondary schools. They mentor, coach and help you with any personal concerns you may have.

Learning Coaches / Learning Support Assistants

Learning coaches provide appropriate support tailored to the specific needs and help to re-engage with learning.

Emotional Learning Support Assistants (ELSA’s)

Emotional Learning Support Assistants work with teachers to support you with your emotional Well-being. ELSA’s are supervised by the Educational Psychology Service.

School Counsellor

A counsellor is attached to each secondary school offering non-judgmental, confidential support to you in a safe environment.

School Nurse

A school nurse is attached to each secondary school promoting Well-being and providing support for young people.

School based Youth Workers

There is a Youth Worker in every secondary school. Youth Workers offer a range of activities and support to young people.

Why Well-being Matters in Schools

Listen to what young people think about well-being

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Have Your Say

We would love to hear from you.
What does well-being mean for you? How could schools improve the way they offer support for young people, so that their well-being is maximised?

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